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ages: 4 to 7 years

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This class is your child's first step toward the stage...and so it's extremely interactive and fun! Students are encouraged to engage in teamwork and confidence-building drama games, along with puppetry, mime, song, dance, and plenty of storytelling. After all, we would like them to have a very strong sense of conviction in themselves! Our topic for the coming months is


In this term we will be preparing our students for a performance in May 2024. Our young actors will get to enact stories from around the world!

Here's a question we get asked often: What exactly do children learn in these classes?

Working with the ancient form of storytelling, we help our young actors grow their confidence through acting and the skills it teaches. Children learn to effectively use their voices and their physicality to confidently work within a group and by themselves. It is one of our most effective workshops. But then, young minds are the most precious! 

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