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Each year, thousands of students apply for Direct School Admission for Secondary Schools (DSA-Sec), based on a wide range of talents, including the following: 


  • Sports and games

  • Visual, literary and performing arts

  • Debate and public speaking

  • Science, mathematics and engineering

  • Languages and humanities

  • Uniformed groups

  • Leadership (for example, Prefects)

Yes, you obviously need a good PSLE outcome but here's a golden opportunity to use your creativity to get admission into the school of your dreams. 

At Play Acting Drama Centre, we've made this journey easier for your child - and you! 


According to the MOE website, "Schools have different selection processes but, in general, applicants must be able to demonstrate their talent, potential, passion and character through their school track record and online DSA applications." One of the criteria listed is that the child could have "held a role in a play or performance". Therefore, the importance of creating a credible drama portfolio must be understood and worked on. We would highly recommend starting at least 2 years in advance. Developing drama skills goes beyond creating a portfolio; it is all about improving overall confidence levels and empowering the child to move ahead in any sphere of life.



Every technique we teach our students goes into creating a strong foundation in terms of vocality (with special stress on enunciation and diction) physicality and presentation skills. One of the essential by-products of this process is to build confidence in the student. Once these essential skills are learned, the student will mind map their answers and present them in a confident, relaxed, honest, and succinct manner. This also helps the students navigate group situations, like group discussions or improvisation-based activities.



Every student is taken through techniques which enable them to tackle their final interviews with confidence and finesse. We will be preparing our students with routine and non-routine questions (we have an exhaustive question bank!) and the ability to speak up in a group interview, should they have one. This skill is not just a must for DSA but also an essential life skill to have!  

For more information on these modules, please register, in order to help us plan the perfect

DSA pathway for your child. This is applicable for students who wish to enter the

any of the following:

P6 DSA interview, SOTA audition, DSA JC interview, ITE and Polytechnic EAE interview,

University Entrance interview, Interviews for scholarship and internship

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