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The Singapore Performing Arts Festival is an annual event supported by Trinity College London, NAFA, University of the Arts, and recognised by the British and International Federation of Festivals. 

Play Acting Drama Centre's students have won some of the highest awards in the past 2 years. Our students competed with registrants from Malaysia, Hong Kong, Dubai amongst other countries.
This is open to children aged 6 and above, and adults.
The final event is between 26th and 28th July. 
Students have the option of either doing an online submission for every category except Impromptu
Speaking, or the face to face competition between 26th and 28th July. 

Each student will be expected to complete 6 hours of training. Online submissions can be filmed before 1st June.

This is an incredible opportunity for your child to shine and excel on the international stage.


Public Speaking

Dramatic Monologue

Performance Art

Creative Writing

Verse Speaking

Impromptu Speaking

Click the pdf below for the SPAF syllabus

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