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The Singapore Performing Arts Festival is an annual event supported by Trinity College London, NAFA, University of the Arts, and recognised by the British and International Federation of Festivals. 







Play Acting Drama Centre's students have won some of the highest awards in the past 2 years. Our students competed with registrants from Malaysia, Hong Kong, Dubai amongst other countries.
This is open to children aged 6 and above, and adults.
The final event is between 26th and 28th July. 
Students have the option of either doing an online submission for every category except Impromptu
Speaking, or the face to face competition between 26th and 28th July. 

Each student will be expected to complete 6 hours of training. Online submissions can be filmed before 1st June.

This is an incredible opportunity for your child to shine and excel on the international stage.


Public Speaking

Dramatic Monologue

Performance Art

Creative Writing

Verse Speaking

Impromptu Speaking



19th AUGUST 2023 to 20th DECEMBER 2023


13th JANUARY 2024 TO 28th MARCH 2024 


15th APRIL 2024 TO 20th JUNE 2024



These aren't just attributes everyone can take away from a class in equal measure. This is why our classes are TAILORED to meet each student's requirement. We pride ourselves on the quality of our work. Each class is beyond just a teacher-student session. It is an immersive experience where students are empowered through the powerful tenets of drama. And how do students benefit? Drama 'dramatically' builds self confidence, improves social skills, nurtures self expression, develops problem solving skills, improves comprehension, encourages empathy and creativity and so much more!

And we sculpt our courses to suit our students.

That's what sets us apart.

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Sangeeta Nambiar


Sangeeta Nambiar started Playacting Productions in 2009.
Since then, she has produced, written and directed over 25 plays, 1 award-winning feature film (A Gran Plan) and 6 short films. She has tutored hundreds of students, many of who have gone on to win international accolades in Drama. She started a theatre platform called Finally She Spoke, to chronicle the stories of brave women from around the world. Finally She Spoke was performed as part of the Women Economic Forum at The Hague in 2017. Winner of the Mira Nair award for rising female film maker, 2012 at the Harlem International Film Festival, Sangeeta has used the mediums of theatre and films to create a satirical commentary on society.
Since 2015, she has directed 15 stagings of Eve Ensler's The Vagina Monologues. She is also a certified trainer for Communication Skills with major international companies. She has a certification in Screenplay writing from NYFA. She has completed a 10 week intensive course on Shakespeare, with the University of Oxford. She has a Masters degree in Shakespeare and Theatre from the Shakespeare Institute, University of Birmingham. She is also certified by Cambridge International Education. She has recently completed a short course on directing Shakespearean plays, with Olivier award winning director, Bill Alexander.

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Esvari Bala

Esvari Bala has been teaching Speech and Drama for over 20 years, both in Singapore and Perth.


She studied at Murdoch University and has her accreditation from Trinity College London. She has experience in putting up musicals and plays for children aged 4 and up, while training them for their Drama examinations in school. 


She is a bubbly individual with a love for reading and learning. She's passionate about making a positive change in the lives of the future generation and hopes her work will benefit the wider community. She enjoys a good meal, loves working with children, and is often known to reward them with candies galore! 


"My daughter has been attending Play Acting Drama Centre for 5 years since she was Grade 4. Even now as our family has moved to Korea, she continues her online class with Playacting. She had a great time performing with her friends and her acting has been developed by excellent training in a supportive environment. She used to be quite shy about talking in front of an audience but her confidence has grown an unbelievable amount. Her communication and presentation skills led her to participate in many other opportunities at school. Especially the Trinity course helped her gain deeper understanding of acting and literature . She analyzed characters and wrote her own script. She has progressed really well in the Trinity exams, but more importantly she has grown in confidence, self-discipline and enjoyed herself."
-  ​Yeonsil Bang

Timberly Williams

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