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Director and Teacher

Sangeeta Nambiar started Playacting Productions in 2009.
Since then, she has produced, written and directed over 25 plays, 1 award-winning feature film (A Gran Plan) and 6 short films. She started a theatre platform called Finally She Spoke, to chronicle the stories of brave women from around the world. Finally She Spoke was performed as part of the Women Economic Forum at The Hague in 2017.
Winner of the Mira Nair award for rising female film maker, 2012 at the Harlem International Film Festival, Sangeeta has used the mediums of theatre and films to create a satirical commentary on society.
Since 2015, she has directed 15 stagings of Eve Ensler's The Vagina Monologues. She is also a certified trainer for Communication Skills with major international companies. She has a certification in Screenplay writing from NYFA. She has completed a 10 week intensive course on Shakespeare, with University of Oxford. 

She has a Masters degree in Shakespeare and Theatre from the Shakespeare Institute, University of Birmingham.





Samzy is a theatre director and a writer of plays (and most recently dappling with screenwriting) who received formal training at East 15 Acting School (University of Essex, UK) and graduated with an MFA in Theatre Directing. 


She has directed/co-directed productions in United Kingdom, Italy, China, Japan and Singapore. Samzy gravitates towards comedy, farce, Shakespeare and adaptation.

She is an apprentice of The Royal Shakespeare Company’s Honorary Associate Director, John Caird.

Prior to directing, she graduated with a Diploma in Theatre (Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts) and a Degree in Theatre Production (East 15 Acting School). Outside of performing arts, she attained a Diploma in Anatomy and Physiology (ITEC) and worked for 3 years in financial services. Her last project before moving to the incredibly creative world of theatre, was with Goldman Sachs. 

Her directorial repertoire includes 

Sleuth, 2012 (World-in-Theatre, Singapore)
Metamorphosis (NAFA, Singapore & Beijing, China) 
Write at the Heart 2, (Stage Management) 2014 (Salt Theatre, London)
Romeo and Juliet, 2014 (Cararra, Italy)
Twelfth Night, 2015 (Apprenticeship) (Toho Theatre, Japan) 
Lunchtime Quickie 2016 (East 15, UK)
Uncle Vanya 2016 (East 15, UK)
Scents of Josephine, 2017 (Bellepoque, Singapore French Festival)