DURATION: 1 hour, Weekly 

AGE GROUP: 3-7 yrs 


CONTENT: Teacher and students discuss various topics. These can be simple and student-led: such as fun activities they have done during the week or trainer-led and relating to the theme of the class for that session (eg. storytelling, phonics sound or poem)


This is followed by a standard drama game which explores drama concepts such as characterisation, imaginative play or teamwork, or music and movement-based.  It is usually physical, although sometimes involves memory games or verbal elements such as phonics.

During Storytime, students listen to the story read by the trainer.  The characters and themes are discussed with the students after the book is read.


Students and trainer then embark on a drama adventure, based around either the story or theme or phonic sound of the class.  This drama story is nearly always dictated by the creative input of the students and features both them and the teacher in a role.

MONDAY: 5pm to 6pm, Costa Rhu, Tanjong Rhu

SATURDAY: 2pm to 3pm, Parkway Centre



DURATION: 1.5 hours, Weekly

AGE GROUP: 8-15 yrs


CONTENT: Each year, students are encouraged to be part of a production, that helps them understand and learn the skills required to be on stage.


Apart from learning vocal techniques, students will understand the various facets of a play, including given circumstances and characterisation. Scheduled to be staged 6 & 7 June 2020 our students will start preparation on TYPECAST, a play about how characters awkwardly venture into unknown territory and how they are forced to see themselves as more than their “type.” A story with a moral!  


Post table readings, the actors will start getting into blocking and discussing their costumes, props and stage directions! 

FRIDAY: 5:30pm to 7pm

SATURDAY: 2pm to 3:30pm

Classes start 2nd WEEK of JANUARY 2020


DURATION: January to March 2020

AGE GROUP: 5 to 8 yrs


CONTENT: Bringing to life this absolute rhyming classic by Roald Dahl, this workshop will help our young actors understand the story, analyse the characters, gain an insight into what 'acting' means and what is required of them to get onto a stage. With children as young as 5, we will take time to gain a better understanding of a production for the stage. After all, we want our students to enjoy this process so that they can go on to become effective and confident individuals!

MONDAY: 5pm to 6pm



DURATION: Full day course, Short 2.5 hour taster course, 1 hour weekly for 6 weeks.

AGE GROUP: Perfect for all age groups


CONTENT: Effective Communication Skills require us to understand that communication is a mixture of voice, tone and body language. 


The course explores facets of communication skills, effective language, vocal techniques, building rapport and understanding body language, the benefits of questions, the art of active listening and improvisation.



DURATION: 9 Months

AGE GROUP: 13 years to Adults


CONTENT: His works have survived 400 years of change. His works have created eternal characters and stories that have transcended cultures. The same pen has given us literary gems, varied in their themes and character: Othello, Twelfth Night, Macbeth, Winter's Tale, A Midsummer Night's Dream, King Lear, Hamlet, Merchant of Venice, A Comedy of Errors...Let's explore the writing and savour the rhythm; let us explore the reason and inspiration behind five plays. At the end of the workshop, we shall perform 5 plays by the bard at a Shakespeare Drama Festival. 


FRIDAY: 7pm to 8pm

This workshop commences in March 2020



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