You only get that one opportunity to walk in and impress the Casting Director with your skills. So make it count. Your audition starts from the moment you call or email them for an auditioning opportunity. So here are the important steps to keep in mind:

That call or email: Be careful what you say or write about yourself. Only state the truth. And have a clear understanding of what the part is all about. You don't want to try for a Lady Macbeth when your only experience on stage has been a tree stump, with very little training. 

Once you get the call back, prepare well for the audition. If you have been given a script, read the page, understand the given circumstances and the character. What is your choice of acting styles to get into character? Stanislavski? Then explore his teachings to get into the ecosystem of the character. And then, practise, practise, practise. 

If you are given the script at the audition, feel free to ask the right questions about the character and the circumstances. Hopefully, you have done enough Sight reading, for this to be an easy process. Remember, each character you play has to have the YOU brand: play it as only you can. Personalise it. Don't follow obvious or trite methods of playing a character. Put your individuality into it after an intelligent analysis of the character. Remember, you get to know about the character from what the character speaks, what others speak about the character and the subtext courtesy the playwright. 

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Once you are at the audition, work on your vocals and physicality. RELAX. BREATHE. It's the best way to get into character. Work the physicality of the character and remind yourself of the character's given circumstances. Become the character. 

Dress the part, if you wish to. It always helps step into the character's shoes. If you wish to stay safe. wear black. Simple foundation and basic makeup, with your hair neatly combed or tied back. Nothing to distract you from the job at hand.

Pay attention to your entries and exits: in silence and with extreme confidence. After completing your piece, always wait a few seconds before stepping out of character. 

Post this, you may or may not get a call back. Be ready for rejection. It's not a statement about you; rather, it's the Casting Director's judgement on your suitability to a particular character. If you get the part, congratulations! If you don't, go for more auditions. And always, no matter what, stay true to your art! 

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